Riken (Thailand) Company Limited is committed to a vision of comprehensive improvement - improvement that will lead us to achieve one goal together Become the Global "Material Solution Supplier". Based on our mission of continuous improvement that provides the very best for customers, shareholders, employees and society. Riken Thailand has created a company policy focused on safety, excellent service and passionate devotion to efficiency in every detail of our work together. In this way, we aim to be a world-leading manufacturer of PVC and plastic compounds.


We will produce and distribute high quality and reliable products to ably respond customer's requirements under provision of a law.


Aiming to achieve "3 Zero" as zero accident, zero customer complaint, zero loss by the soul of teamwork


Becoming the global "Material Solution Supplier"


  • We are a challenger that harnesses the power of science to improve the quality of life and create a safe, affluent society
  • We continuously provide new value and satisfaction to people, companies and society through our original and superior formulations and manufacturing technologies of multiple resins.


This year, your loyal support has enabled RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION to welcome the 60th anniversary of its existence. We have taken this opportunity to formulate a new management philosophy: the " RIKEN TECHNOS WAY reaffirms and redefines the spirit of venture and other legacies of RIKEN-ness that has been emphasized since the beginning, and adds the new directions in vision and growth, realized by the three concepts of : mission, our value, and basics. This not only creates a frame of reference for the employees in making value judgments, but also helps in developing practical action plans to help guide RIKEN TECHNOS Group with confidence.


  • We establish a bond of trust and work for the mutual benefit of all.
  • We create new value.
  • We continually push ourselves to achieve more.
  • We enjoy our work and love what we do.
  • We work together to find solutions and produce the best results for everyone.


  • Lead without fear.
  • Take charge and enjoy your work.
  • Build a team by trusting and helping one other.
  • Listen attentively and speak sincerely.
  • Come with smile and leave with smile.
  • Exceed customers' expectations.
  • Seek new things and ways.
  • Be a real professional through self-improvement.
  • Set goals and achieve on time.