The company provides its employees with fringe benefits by the profitability of the company.

Apart from monthly salary, RIKEN offers to its employees for instance hospital fees for himself and dependents, group safety assurance, uniform, transportation, and annual health check. Besides, RIKEN also arranges various activities such as annual sports day or New Year Party aimed at well-balanced life quality of its employees and unity among them.


RIKEN's highly praised recognition is attributed to the excellent quality of its employee who are valuable assets leading the company to exceeding the industry demand. We are thus committed to the continual development of our employees across the organization.

Our employees are given rich and diverse range of structured training that, where appropriate, will include internal and external courses as well as overseas tours of inspection and internship opportunities designed to give them professional efficiency.


RIKEN never forgets that our success owes to our customers and the society. Consequently we are dedicated to social contribution. For examples we have contributed dried food to those suffered from flood disaster, machines for use in the educational laboratory and computers to schools.


Social activities supported by Riken Thailand aim to provide the benefits to the general public and environment


Applicants can view Position Information and Apply Job as following method;

1. Download " Job Position" (pdf) for select the position
2. Download " Job Application" for complete the form and attach documents returned


1. All requested information must be finished
2. Applicant who graduated bachelor's degree or higher. Please fill application form in English