PVC Compounds for use in the production of medical equipment parts, such as parts for arterial venous fistula sets and blood tubing lines, are tested for biochemical safety by JHP (Japan Hygienic PVC Association). Standards of cleanliness during manufacturing are vital to the production of high-quality products that are safe for contact with the human body

The following are the samples of medical appliances made of our Medical PVC Compound:

  • Blood Tubing Lines
  • A.V. Fistula Sets
  • Blood Administration set
  • Solution Infusion Sets
  • Various medical device appliances


These PVC compounds are used in the automotive and electrical appliance industries. Such compounds can modified to meet the particular needs of various customers such as requirements for in-built resistance to temperature changes, chemical and sunlight.

The examples of products made of General PVC Compound are:

Automotive products

  • Automotive Wiring Harness
  • Car Audio Cord and Wire Assembly
  • Plug Cord & Battery Cable
  • PVC Variable/Composite Extrusion Products (Such as Window Molding, Roof Molding, Weather-Stripping, Inner / Outer Door Belts, PVC-Glass Run, Side - Molding ETC)
  • Injection Parts

Electric Industry and electronic materials

  • Electronic Wire and Cable
  • Power Cord
  • Computer and Flexible Flat Cable
  • Audio/Video, Office Automation and Communication Cables
  • Wire Assembly and Wire Harness Equipment

Electric Industry and electronic materials

  • Gasket Door of Refrigerator
  • PVC Seals and Profiles for doors, doorframes, window frames and furnishings
  • Special Tubes and Hose
  • Toys


These PVC Compounds are a special designed characteristic for packaging films which the clarity and smooth surface are required for printing. Besides, variety uses for General Rigid for instances window profile, furniture trim, etc. can be made by special formula where weathering resistance and smooth surface and needed


Other types of compounds such as polypropylene-glass fiber and specialized elastomers are good for products that must retain their shape, endure changes in temperature and resist chemicals, Such compounds are best for the computer and electrical appliance industries, particularly for heavy-duty applications such as signaling joints and automotive parts and for photocopier parts.